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 * uimisc.h -- Misc UI-related functions
 * Copyright (C) 2007 Alberto Garcia <agarcia@igalia.com>
 * This file is part of Vagalume and is published under the GNU GPLv3.
 * See the README file for more details.

#ifndef UIMISC_H
#define UIMISC_H

#include <gtk/gtk.h>
#include "userconfig.h"
#include "playlist.h"

GtkWidget *compat_gtk_button_new(void);
gboolean tagwin_run(GtkWindow *parent, const char *user, char **newtags,
                    const GList *usertags, lastfm_track *track,
                    request_type *type);
gboolean recommwin_run(GtkWindow *parent, char **user, char **message,
                       const GList *friends, const lastfm_track *track,
                       request_type *type);
void ui_info_banner(GtkWindow *parent, const char *text);
void ui_info_dialog(GtkWindow *parent, const char *text);
void ui_warning_dialog(GtkWindow *parent, const char *text);
void ui_error_dialog(GtkWindow *parent, const char *text);
char *ui_input_dialog(GtkWindow *parent, const char *title,
                      const char *text, const char *value);
char *ui_input_dialog_with_list(GtkWindow *parent, const char *title,
                                const char *text, const GList *elems,
                                const char *value);
gboolean ui_usercfg_window(GtkWindow *parent, lastfm_usercfg **cfg);
gboolean ui_confirm_dialog(GtkWindow *parent, const char *text);
void flush_ui_events(void);


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